September 15, 2011

Featured Program: Wine to Water

2Water organizes wine tasting events globally to 'metaphorically transform wine to water'. Their focus is on using campaigns and social media tools to support initiatives in developing countries (currently focusing on Nepal and Malawi) to provideclean, drinking water to communities. 2Water uses a two tiered business model by which fund-raising to meet administrative costs is kept separate from its project-oriented fund-raising at the wine tasting events, so that all event donations go directly towards water projects. The organization started in 2010 when two London based professionals visited Bordeaux for the release of the greatly anticipated 2009 En Primeur wine campaign, and saw the opportunity to apply the art of wine for a social cause. Learning that it takes 120 litres of water to make just one glass of wine led to the idea of trying to give back some of that water through community water projects. Click here for a 3 min. video of 2Water CEO, Diana Isac, explaining the philosophy behind this innovative organization. Contact:

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